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How to Apply for a Grant

Application for our 2024 grant is now closed.


Applicants will normally be informed of the Trust's decision at the beginning of July.


Grants will be awarded at the Civic Service of Celebration in St James' Church, Trowbridge. This usually takes place on the 1st Sunday of July. We will be publishing the date here once it has been confirmed.

Grant Policies


Are you a group or organisation helping people in need, hardship or distress who are resident in the area of benefit?

Area of Benefit

Trowbridge and the villages of Southwick, North Bradley, Yarnbrook, West Ashton, Hilperton and Staverton. Your organisation may cover a much wider area of the county, so you will need to show that the money given to you will be used only for the people in the area of benefit.


  • We may want to visit you to see how your group carries out its charitable work.

  • Grants cannot be given for upkeep of village halls, religious purposes, training or educations purposes

  • Grants will not be given directly to individuals in need.

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